Limy VPS

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If you choose VPS hosting Singapore, you will be able to manage a wider range of sites quite easily, unlike the shared hosting. It is important to mention that one gets total flexibility for doing root user operations, without disturbing all the other users on the same server. Total privacy and an excellent performance are only some of the benefits of using Singapore VPS services.

When deciding about VPS service providers, you should know that we offer you:

  • Total independence and system isolation unlike with the shared hosting – you get the privacy of a separate physical computer.
  • Ability to adjust your system according to your own wishes (any software application that you need can be installed at any time) and use your own resources (such as hard drive space).
  • Money-saving solution – having a dedicated server demands a lot of costs and not everybody can afford it.

Limy VPS hosting represents a preferable choice for Singapore, especially if you run dynamic, highly interactive sites. It has characteristics of a dedicated server, but it is much more affordable.

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